Currency famine may return: president demands to “agressively push forward”

Civil servants should work harder to raise export, the president of Belarus said at the government session held on 2 November to discuss the export of Belarusian products. “You may sell nothing whatsoever but you should bring money back into the country. If you sell something, then the money must return absolutely,” state-owned news agency BelTA quotes Aliaksandr Lukashenka.
According to the foreign trade figures, the skies are darkening. Its balance amounts to $1,313 bn, which is $358 mln less than it totalled in the period from January to August. Moreover, Belarus has encountered the problem of the payment for shipped commodities and the return of foreign currency earnings into the country. “We still credit Russian partners. Taking into account the potential of our banking systems the situation should be reversed. Give me an answer why things are going this way and what measures have been taken. What are the relevant agencies doing?” the head of state wondered.
Besides, Lukashenka hinted at the strong probability of top officials’ dismissals. “If someone is tired, you must understand you just have to say so and we will find a substitute. … If you need aid indeed, then we will help. But let me make it absolutely clear, everyone must produce results,” he said.
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