New look for teddy bear troops: white-red-white parachutes

Small teddy bears made of fimo remind of their plush counterparts which turned out to be main causers of the conflict between Belarus and Sweden.
A fridgie in the form of a parachuting teddy may be pinned up on a refrigerator or presented in memory of the great event occurred in the political life of the country in the summer of 2012. Souvenir fridgies were made by craftswoman Yana Marchuk.
White and red are the colours of the Belarusian nationan flag which is not officially banned from public usage, but is treated by the authorities as an unregistered symbol which means that demonstration of it by political activists or sports fans can lead to arrests and confiscation of the flags.
“It is only too natural that such an article will be chiefly appreciated by people watching social and political news of Belarus. The idea of fridgies originates with my acquaintance. As I see it, the Swedish teddy bear stunt, and what is more, the Belarus authorities’ reaction on it are a bit stupid. I believe the story to deserve being mocked at,” Yana Marchuk told Belsat TV.
Anton Surapin was the first to have got a parachuting teddy. It is his news web site that first released pictures of teddy bears dropped by the Swedish pilots. For this reason Surapin had been kept in the KGB predetention centre for a month and released on August 17, 2012. But the charge has not been omitted and he is still facing up to seven years of imprisonment for asserted aiding the Swedes in illegal border crossing.
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