Elections over, arrests go on

Being out for independent election observers Special Police Force and plain cloth policemen detained all guests of Jazz hostel, including an under-aged receptionist.
“Plain cloth policemen broke in and took everyone to Central District Directorate of Interior without giving any explanation. Now they have started to release people saying «if you want to know reasons for you detention you may stay here, we will have a talk»,” Ales Zayats, an activist of project “Election observation: theory and practice”, told Belsat.
According to project coordinator Vadzim Mazheyka, observers were detained while resuming the elections. They were to present their report at a press conference in Vilnius on September 25.
“Numerous violations were recorded, there being a lot of unexpected ones among them. As always, observers were being pressed on while the early voting period, i.e. they were prevented from performing their duties,” he said.
At the same time, the detention of observers will not deterred them from their post-election report publishing because all the violations had been recorded here.
Project “Election observation: theory and practice” is carried out by NGO Belarus Watch together with the European Humanities University and the Belarusian Human Rights House in Vilnius.
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