Zmena activists stand trial

Four activists of Zmena, a youth wing of Tell the Truth civil campaign, are charged with participating in unauthorized mass action (Art 23.34 of the Administrative Code),15 days of arrest being maximum penalty.

Dzmitry Lukashevich, Natallia Karovina, Lyudmila Lapo, judges of the Frunzenski distdict court in Minsk, are passing sentences to Aliaksandr Artsybashau, Hanna Kurlovich and Yahor Viniatski.

Hanna Kurlovich is the first to have been judged: she will be fined Br2,000,000 (appr. $250)

Judge Lukashevich has sentenced Aliaksandr Artsybashau to ten-day arrest, Yahor Viniatski will have to spend 7 days in the Minsk predetention centre (“Akrestsina”).

On Septembr 18, 2012 the Zmena activists presented another performance devoted to the upcoming parliamentary elections: they were going to offer some borshch to passers-by. No sooner had they taken a pan with borshch and leaflets out than plain cloth policemen came running up to the activists and journalists and lug them off to a bus. Later the journalists were released, all the pictures made during the picket having been deleted by police.


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