Lukashenka scattering Belarusian land?

Today news web site belaruspartizan has published a copy of Minsk Regional Executive committee’s decree marked “For Official Use Only”. As it appears from the document, it was adopted in accordance with the presidential edict “On granting land plots to the State of Qatar for use as hunting grounds and the construction of a residence” allegedly issued by Aliaksandr Lukashenka on July 9, 2012
The State of Qatar is to be granted ownership of a land plot for the construction project “on a gratuitous basis”, while land for hunting grounds will be leased out for a period of 99 years “without pay on condition of delivering of tenancy agreement”, the document reads.
According to the information leaked out, the Minsk Regional Executive Committee is supposed to pick land plots for the purpose before December 31, 2012.
“The press office has no information about documents marked “For Official Use Only”. We receive only documents that are open to the public,” Pavel Liohki, head of the presidential press office, said.
Qatari Island in Europe
In October 2011, a record of Lukashenka’s instructions given to the government for the purpose of implementing agreements reached during his visit to Qatar two months before was posted on the Internet.
The document suggested that the government establish the borders of land plots hosting the “Qatari Island in Europe” before October 31. The president also tasked his aide for national security with proposing locations for residences and hunting grounds for Qatar’s ruling family.
The presidential press office did not comment the authenticity of the record either.
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