Picketing in company of WC: Zmena activists criticise early polling

Zmena, a youth wing of Tell the Truth civil campaign, urged passers-by to cast ballots … in their own toilets.
On September 17, 2012 Zmena went on picket as part of Boycott-101 political campaign: the activists presented an installation made of a WC labelled “early polling” and voting ballots inside.
It is little wonder that soon plain cloth policemen carrying video equipment came up to the youngsters. The picketers suggested them coming next day for filming another performance.
As it reported before, the United Civic Party of Belarus (UPCB) and the Belarusian People’s Front (BPF) withdrew their candidates. Early voting starts on September 18: ballot boxes stand unguarded at polling stations for days, which observers have long described as an immense source for violations.
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