2017.03.26 11:34

Arrested ‘Belsat’ cameraman Ales Barazenka goes on hunger strike. More journalists detained.

2017.03.26 09:48

People gather on Kastrychnitskaya Square in Minsk. Riot police ready

2017.03.25 20:33

Belarus police against Belarusians: Brutal crackdown on peaceful protesters in Minsk (ENG video)

2017.03.25 18:21

Lawlessness in Minsk: Women, elderly people beaten by heavily-armed police

2017.03.25 17:29

Minsk Freedom Day suppression chronicle

2017.03.25 15:35

Minsk on Freedom Day: Brutal detentions, beatings of protesters, passers-by

2017.03.25 14:28

Freedom Day in Hrodna (photo report)

2017.03.25 13:46

Minsk: Human rights defenders detained by riot police released after rally was over

2017.03.25 13:05

Riot police detaining Belsat TV journalists (video)

2017.03.25 10:30

Uladzimir Nyaklyayeu detained in Brest

2017.03.25 10:01

Freedom Day: Rally in Minsk dispersed, hundreds arrested

2017.03.24 19:41

Belarus human rights watchdog urges authorities to stop scare campaign over ‘armed militants’ case

2017.03.24 15:27

Belarus prosecutor’s office warns three Homiel journalists against contribution to Belsat TV

2017.03.24 14:43

Ahead of Freedom Day: Riot police armed with submachine guns in Minsk (video)

2017.03.24 14:14

Homiel: Belsat TV contributor summoned twice today

2017.03.24 13:18

Historian Bulavinskaya subpoenaed by prosecutor’s office

2017.03.24 13:00

One-off or provocation? Unknown persons throw Molotov cocktail at Homiel tax office (pics)

2017.03.24 11:57

Mahiliou: Undergrad expelled from university for participation in ‘non-parasite’ march

2017.03.24 08:42

‘White Legion’ case inconsistencies emerge as KGB arrests continue

2017.03.24 08:27

Purge on the eve of Freedom Day: Belarus regime keep arresting politicians, activists

2017.03.24 06:50

Antos Lahvinets: I was handcuffed to headrest, my father was beaten and called ‘corrupt’

2017.03.24 06:37

From Belavia to BelAZ. Belarus to sell five hundred enterprises

2017.03.23 16:13

Stifling journos: Belsat TV contributor fined for covering protests in Rahachou

2017.03.23 15:18

Homiel: Another 5 days in jail for arrested Belarus blogger who went on hunger strike

2017.03.23 13:37

Russia’s former lawmaker killed in Ukraine (caution photos)

2017.03.23 13:17

State-run TV shows weapons allegedly seized from Belarusian ‘militants’

2017.03.23 12:38

Minsk: Another activist arrested over ‘armed militants’ case

2017.03.23 11:57

Threats, arrests, trials, fines: Massive attack on Belsat TV journos in March (ENG video)

2017.03.23 10:40

Businessmen, politicians next: Belarus police keep grabbing dissidents

2017.03.23 09:07

Money, cat disappeared: Arrested Young Front leader’s flat searched in absence of owners