2017.02.20 15:47

ISIS hybrid airforce. Can drones become threat to Belarus, EU? (ENG video)

2017.02.20 15:36

‘Belsat’ Director receives award from Polish President

2017.02.20 14:30

‘Discontent with Lukashenka’s govt’: Foreign media about protests against ‘parasites’ law in Belarus

2017.02.20 12:41

Protest in Hrodna: ‘President Lukashenka is the main parasite!’

2017.02.20 12:04

Over 1K foreigners enter Belarus without visa

2017.02.20 10:40

‘Fight unemployment, not unemployed!’ Mahiliou outraged by controversial law

2017.02.20 09:46

‘I am not a slave!’ Thousands of Homiel residents protest against ‘parasite’ law (photos)

2017.02.20 09:15

Russia’s recognition of passports issued by separatist republics undermines peace efforts – OSCE

2017.02.17 20:17

March against ‘parasite’ decree held in Minsk (photo, video)

2017.02.17 18:08

Real incomes of Belarusians down by 8% in 2016

2017.02.17 16:05

Belarus volunteer fighter holds meetings with Ukrainian youth

2017.02.17 14:35

Trade union leader detained on way to Outraged Belarusians’ March in Minsk

2017.02.17 13:58

‘Belarus buys Iranian oil in Poland!’ Russian media sensationalize Minsk’s looking for alternative

2017.02.17 13:00

Russian ‘fighting reconnaissance’: Who wants to derail Minsk talks on Ukraine? (ENG video)

2017.02.17 11:33

Poland ready to lend Lukashenka furniture for ’round table’

2017.02.17 10:18

Belsat not welcome by Belarus authorities, but Russian TV still in bono

2017.02.16 16:58

Vox populi. Does Belarus need Russia’s concessions?

2017.02.16 15:01

Just to ask way: Kazakh military helicopter lands on motor road

2017.02.16 14:07

78% of Russians in favor of visa regime with Belarus — survey

2017.02.16 13:39

Repeating Ukraine’s mistakes: Belarus police covering up for Russian World adherers (ENG video)

2017.02.16 11:56

Russian Foreign Ministry canteen renames Chicken Kiev as Chicken Crimea

2017.02.16 09:20

‘Donbas is ours!’ Russians attempt to disrupt OSCE envoy conference on Ukraine in Minsk

2017.02.16 08:47

Unemployed protest in defiance of bans

2017.02.15 15:17

Year on: EU Sanctions lifted at expense of civil, political rights in Belarus – Civil Rights Defenders

2017.02.15 14:30

Mikola Statkevich: People need the opposition

2017.02.15 14:11

Lightbulbs from ‘Belarussia’ sold in Belarusian stores

2017.02.15 12:47

Belarusians outraged by tax on ‘idlers’: Proof provided by Belsat TV to go to Lukashenka

2017.02.15 12:40

Russia in financial dilemma: To build bridge to Crimea or roads in country?

2017.02.15 11:42

Belavia tops KLM and Lufthansa in Forbes rating

2017.02.15 11:33

Visa-free stay in Belarus may be extended to two weeks – MFA