Nastassia Jaumen

Nastassia is a journalist. She is special correspondent in Lithuania. She also works in Belarus, Latvia, Ukraine, Sweden.

Master of Political Science, Bachelor of Communications and Information (European Humanities University), to get experience in the Belarusian public education system, Nastassia graduated from the Belarusian State Pedagogical University as “history teacher”. She has published her articles in a number of Belarusian media.

“Honest journalism is what time and circumstances demand from us. Irresistible desire to understand and seek the truth, to bring it to the audience, keeps the fire of interest in the profession burning. In addition to working with current events, I like working with stories of ordinary people. There are a lot of heroes around us who remain unnoticed in the light of big politics. Belsat’s strong side is that it always leaves a live platform for people like that.”

Nastassia is a fan of music, photography, and cinema. She once researched the phenomenon of Belarus national cinema. She also took a shot at making documentaries. Nastassia’s dream is to be able to travel from Minsk to Vilnius without a passport.