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2019.09.17 14:10

Banksy’s works to be exhibited in Minsk soon

2019.09.13 12:56 Video

4K Belarusians involved: Union Shield military drills kick off in Russia

2019.09.13 10:35

Youngest prisoner swapped: Belarus unsafe for Ukrainians (interview)

2019.09.11 10:38

Minsk teachers collect signatures for Lukashenka favourite’s nominating for deputy?

2019.09.10 12:41

Lukashenka’s favourite may become MP

2019.09.10 08:58

‘Minsk will become US capital’: Lukashenka feeding web users again

2019.08.26 13:45

Russian FSB officers ‘mistakenly’ cross border with Lithuania

2019.07.31 05:36

Russian MP wants to bomb forest fires in Siberia

2019.07.11 06:08 Opinions

25 years of Lukashenka’s rule bring neither ‘bright past’ nor confident future

2019.07.03 13:50 Photos

Independence Day in Minsk: Samovars, partisans, assault rifles (pics)