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2019.03.21 16:13

Movie made with Belsat TV contribution to appear at Canada’s Hot Docs

2019.03.19 10:41

Harlem Désir’s visit to Belarus: OSCE monitoring independent journos’ situation

2019.03.05 13:51

Belsat TV crew heavily fined

2019.03.04 12:12 Video

Brest: Police preventively detain, threaten Belsat TV contributors

2019.02.26 16:29

Truly Belarusian popcorn: Belsat TV hosts publish cookbook

2019.02.25 06:57

Local journalist fined nearly 900 BYN for cooperation with Belsat

2019.02.21 16:04 Video

Closer to real you: How Belsat helps people

2019.02.13 07:26 Photos

Photo exhibition about people with special needs opens in Minsk

2019.02.07 09:23

Police opens case against Belsat for story about police brutality

2019.02.06 12:48

Unlocking Belsat TV secrets: It’s just the beginning!