What's new on Belsat TV

2019.06.25 15:26

Belsat TV statement regarding Press Club Belarus monitoring report

2019.06.18 15:01

Belsat TV Director awarded with Belarusian Democratic Republic 100th Jubilee Medal

2019.06.14 09:18

Belsat journalists to pay big fine for story about injustice

2019.06.10 09:48

Belsat journalists hold rally in solidarity with detained Russian journalist Ivan Golunov

2019.06.06 13:14

‘If you see Belsat journos, call the police.’ Belarus authorities playing safe?

2019.06.03 09:32

This summer Belsat is coming to you

2019.04.23 12:15

Belsat TV journos tried over news story made by other authors

2019.04.18 08:24

Strip and War: International Film Critics award movie made with Belsat TV contribution

2019.04.16 12:29

‘Collecting negative opinions’. Freelance journo fined for contributing to Belsat TV

2019.04.16 06:51

History is made as YouTube awards Belarusian-language channel