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2019.10.21 14:33

Movie made with Belsat TV contribution awarded in Mexico

2019.10.14 13:41

Belsat TV contributors win For Devotion To Profession contest

2019.10.03 05:21

PEN International calls on Belarus to use Belarusian language

2019.09.30 13:40

The Fan: Belsat TV documentary awarded at Fact Art Festival

2019.09.27 07:17 Video

Films made with Belsat to be shown at Opolskie Lamy festival

2019.09.12 14:14

Belsat TV journos get Free Word awards

2019.09.02 04:00

Belsat now has its own train! Let’s go!

2019.07.31 10:01

Brest court fines Belsat TV contributors in absentia

2019.07.30 11:12

Criminal proceedings initiated against former Belsat contributor in Russia’s Krasnodar

2019.07.09 12:18 Updated

Belsat Near You: Crew detained in Hantsavichy