Zmitser Paliyenka

2019.10.25 13:18

Political prisoner Paliyenka sentenced to ‘home arrest’ and released in courtroom

2019.10.18 10:59 Video

Anarchist Zmitser Paliyenka attempts suicide in court room

2019.09.25 11:47

Minsk: Trial of former political prisoner postponed

2019.09.19 15:44

Minsk: Former political prisoner to be on trial again

2019.07.29 09:50

Two more criminal cases filed against Zmitser Paliyenka

2019.05.22 13:57

Brest police keeping eye on anarchists over leaflets

2019.03.28 10:47

Zmitser Paliyenka goes on hunger strike

2019.03.20 14:57

Former political prisoner brutally detained in Minsk

2019.02.28 14:08

Detentions in Minsk: Authorities’ response to solidarity action

2019.01.31 12:36

Former political prisoner fined over ‘Class War’ photo on web

2019.01.30 08:01

Ex-political prisoner Dzmitry Paliyenka detained in Minsk

2018.12.14 07:47

Minsk: Former political prisoner detained by plainclothes persons

2018.12.05 11:13

Former political prisoner to be tried twice for missing lectures

2018.11.27 10:22

Former political prisoner Paliyenka to face trial for missing lectures

2018.10.24 07:22 Video

Political prisoner Dzmitry Paliyenka at liberty