2016.08.24 09:04 Video

Election campaign in Belarus: Elderly woman attacks picketers, shows pants (video)

2016.08.12 12:43

Police draw protocol on Belsat TV contributor for man-on-the-street interviewing

2016.07.29 06:42 Video

Belarus journalist fined for bringing police abuse to light

2016.06.22 09:38

‘We set to have injuries verified’ – Belsat TV contributor beaten by Belarus police

2016.05.18 09:32 Інфаграфіка

Gloomy leadership: Belsat TV journalists fined most often

2016.04.22 12:23

Belarusian Association of Journalists informs UN Rapporteur of persecuting Belsat TV contri-butors

2016.04.13 13:25

With force: Belarus police detain independent journalist (PHOTO)

2016.03.01 16:38 Аўдыё

New administrative case against journalist Zhukouski

2016.03.01 10:11

UN Human Rights Committee registers complaint by Belsat TV contributor

2016.02.24 11:05

Reprisals still in progress in Belarus: Belsat TV mentioned in Amnesty International report

2016.02.18 18:24

Journalist Zhukousky again summoned to court for collaborating with Belsat

2016.02.04 12:55 Video

Belarusian regime keeps persecuting Homiel journalists

2016.01.21 06:45 Video

2nd sentence in 2016: Kastus Zhukouski fined for reporting for Belsat TV

2016.01.18 23:29 Video

Heavy fine imposed on Belsat TV contributor. Another trial looming

2016.01.14 09:29 Video

Journalist Zhukouski on trial in Kalinkavichy