2019.01.29 05:04 Updated

Former Belsat TV contributor Zhukouski leaves Belarus after yet another attack

2017.12.26 10:20 Video

UN HR Committee registers complaint by Kastus Zhukouski

2017.07.21 11:32

Journalist Kastus Zhukousky detained, chained to tree, his camera broken

2017.07.11 09:14

Belsat TV contributor heavily fined for making news story

2017.06.16 16:03

New wave of persecuting independent journalists

2017.05.17 09:04

Police officer vs Belsat TV contributor: Court fails to find proof of compromising dignity

2017.05.05 15:23

Independent journalist Kastus Zhukouski to stand another trial

2017.04.13 08:40

Svetlahorsk: Belsat TV contributor Kastus Zhukouski fined $480

2017.03.20 14:55

Homiel court dismisses lawsuit against Belsat TV and journalist Kastus Zhukouski

2017.03.09 12:59

Policeman wants $1,000 from Belsat TV contributor for ‘compromising honor and dignity’

2017.03.07 12:28

Fighting opposition is easier: KGB may overlook terrorists’ crossing Belarus-EU border (ENG video)

2017.01.06 12:35

Belsat TV summoned to court as codefendant

2017.01.05 11:30

First in 2017: Belsat TV contributor gets police protocol in mail

2016.10.05 12:03

Belarus authorities keep bearing pressure on Kastus Zhukouski

2016.09.30 02:30

Election over, no need to play liberals: Belsat TV contributors at KGB gunpoint