White Legion

2017.06.07 12:03

Belarus HR watchdogs call for release of arrestees in White Legion case after torture reports

2017.06.05 09:14

No investigation – just torture. Statkevich’s associate about 80 days in prison

2017.06.01 14:15

Charges dropped against two released defendants in White Legion case

2017.05.25 10:08

Belarus authorities extend pre-trial detention of defendants in White Legion case

2017.05.22 12:36

House arrest: Defendant in White Legion case released from KGB prison

2017.05.22 09:01

Belarus police torture opposition activist with electric shocks – Statkevich

2017.05.19 11:30

European partners updated on probe into White Legion case – Belarus FM

2017.05.18 15:20

Another arrestee over White Legion case released from prison

2017.04.12 14:01

Statkevich asks Merkel to find German citizen who informed Lukashenka of ‘armed militants’ plot’

2017.04.11 12:09

Things get real: Belarusian patriots accused of creating illegal armed group

2017.04.04 14:44

One more trial: Imprisoned politician to appear before court for solidarity rally

2017.04.04 12:09

‘Armed militants’ case: Belarus authorities release some, but arrest others