war in Ukraine

Belarus no longer determines its fate, historian claims Participation of the Belarusian military in the war is a red line

Syrian mercenaries arrive in Ukraine, President Duda says Andrzej Duda noted that Zelensky is asking for more help from NATO

EU to consider Russia’s oil embargo NATO, EU and G7 summits have been scheduled.

Russian military open fire at peaceful rally in Kherson

Russian military forcibly take Mariupol residents to Russian territory People no longer have their passports

UN: over 23% of Ukrainians left their homes fleeing the war The invasion resulted in 2,149 civilian casualties

Can Russia withstand international isolation after attacking Ukraine? Russia now owes 117 million

Number of Ukrainian refugees exceeds 3 mln Most of the refugees go to Poland and westward.

Ten people dead after Russian troops fire at civilians in Chernihiv

Putin is war criminal, US Senate recognizes unanimously It is a rare case of such unity in the Senate

War in Ukraine: March 14 and 15 Here's all you need to know

Russian military destroying agricultural machinery in Ukraine

Belarusian volunteer fighter killed near Kyiv He served in the Kastus Kalinouski Battalion

War in Ukraine: March 12 and 13 A woman was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine

German Federal Prosecutor’s Office launches investigation into Russian war crimes in Ukraine German Prosecutor's Office also fears that the number of war…