2018.06.06 17:52

‘Illegal armed formation elimination’: Belarus siloviki getting ready for European Games

2018.06.06 08:23

‘Saber Strike’. What is American army doing on border with Belarus?

2018.05.01 07:30 Video

Belarus and Russia preparing large-scale military exercises ‘Union Shield’

2018.04.09 14:55

Russian paratroopers involved in Crimea annexation taking part in war game in Belarus

2018.02.13 12:25

Belarus concerned about neighbours’ military build-up – Lukashenka

2017.12.04 13:23 Video

Belarus-Russia drills Zapad-2017 used for whipping up hysteria – FM Lavrov

2017.10.02 10:49

Russian envoy: All our troops left Belarus unless ‘someone got married’

2017.09.13 12:36

Red carpet rolled for Zapad-2017: Russian aircraft arrive in Belarus