2019.08.15 12:30

Over 4K Belarusian soldiers to take part in Union Shield drills in Russia

2019.08.01 11:11

Lithuania’s capital to hold drill simulating accident at Belarus NPP

2019.01.29 13:30

Belarus army’s combat readiness check kicks off – MoD

2018.12.28 10:00

Military drill to be held in Vitsebsk region in 2019 involving over 200 reservists

2018.11.09 11:49

Belarus 17th in Business Insider’s top 25 most powerful European armies

2018.10.26 06:28

NATO launches biggest military exercise in Europe since Cold War

2018.09.13 12:06 Photos

How Belarus military ‘fought’ near Barysau (photos)

2018.09.06 13:54

Checkpoints in towns? Military drills kick off in Belarus

2018.08.27 08:11 Video

Belarusian army prepares for large-scale exercises involving 7.5K servicemen

2018.08.20 15:20

Putin orders sudden combat readiness check ahead of joint Russia-China-Mongolia drills

2018.08.17 13:21 Video

‘Full-scale artillery drills’: Luhansk separatists show off weapons, vehicles

2018.07.18 16:40 Video

Russian military rush into Armenian village, fire guns. Locals in shock

2018.06.06 17:52

‘Illegal armed formation elimination’: Belarus siloviki getting ready for European Games

2018.06.06 08:23

‘Saber Strike’. What is American army doing on border with Belarus?

2018.05.01 07:30 Video

Belarus and Russia preparing large-scale military exercises ‘Union Shield’