2019.03.12 10:51

Search or imitation? Belarus KGB after pro-Kremlin Wagner group (ENG video)

2019.02.08 10:38

Wagner group spotted. Russia using mercenaries to gain access to African resources – US DoD

2019.01.31 09:46

Wagner group: Mercenaries protecting Kremlin’s interests worldwide (ENG video)

2018.07.19 15:02

Russia: Trial over compensation for mercenary’s death in Syria

2018.02.21 13:40 Video

Any Belarusians killed near Deir ez-Zor? Foreign Ministry unaware

2017.10.30 12:12

‘Phantom’ losses. Another Russian mercenary killed in Syria

2017.10.20 12:58

Russian neo-Nazi who killed Ukrainians, trained Belarus teens now fighting in Syria