Vladimir Putin

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Russian economist: Kremlin supports authoritarian regime in Belarus

2018.02.12 12:37

Minsk agreements reach deadlock – Macron to Putin

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Russia: Names of registered presidential wannabes go public

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Belarus human rights defenders appeal to Putin over Chechen colleague’s case

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Putin’s rating down 5%

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Serbian League party urges Putin to deploy troops to Kosovo

2017.12.14 14:10 Video

Putin: No Russian army in Donbas, only ‘local militia formations’

2017.12.11 15:14

Putin orders to pull out Russian troops of Syria. Not all

2017.11.21 09:18

Putin: Russian military operation in Syria coming to end. Again

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Now it’s official: Putin has telephone talk with Donbas separatists

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OCCRP: Putin’s friends are 24 billion USD rich

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Will Putin force Belarus to use Russian ports to transport oil products?

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Belsat TV: 10 years of countering propaganda, disinformation

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Incident at Zapad-2017 war game in Russia? Ka-52 helicopters fire at crowd

2017.09.18 15:50

No comment: Putin and Zapad-2017