2019.10.18 06:30

Pedophilia case: two women and man each receive 20 years in prison for molesting own children

2019.10.15 04:54

Belarusian soldier shot in eye

2019.10.02 11:57

Belarus citizen who fought for Donbas separatists facing 25-year jail term in Ukraine

2019.05.31 10:08

Man uses female name to leave insulting comment, faces prison

2018.12.28 10:00

Military drill to be held in Vitsebsk region in 2019 involving over 200 reservists

2018.07.12 09:23

Pedestrian crossing costing over 20K USD installed in Vitsebsk

2018.01.31 13:33

Residents of poor villages invite Lukashenka: ‘Look us in the eye if you dare’

2018.01.29 03:08

Autoblogger’s car torched in Vitsebsk

2017.11.03 10:47

Lenin’s head made of jelly on display in Vitsebsk (photo)

2017.09.26 11:23

Case of Belarusian man who fought in Donbas heard in Vitsebsk court (UPDATE)

2017.09.11 16:00 Photos

Was it ever such a temple: Putin, Obama bring gifts to Jesus