Belarus cancels visa-free regime for U.S. and Albania citizens
At the same time, visa-free travel has been extended to citizens of Iran, Jordan, South Africa, Pakistan, and Egypt
350K foreigners have used Belarusian visa-free regime
Since January 2017, when a visa-free regime was introduced, over 350 thousand people from 70 countries.
Nigerian model promotes Belarusian vyshyvanka
Nigerian Ifunanya Dimaku is a student of Hrodna Medical University. But she is eager to know more about the fashion industry of Belarus: the ambitious girl seeks to become a Belarusian model!
Sparkly Georgian indulges in Belarusian folk dance
Givi Kbilashvili has been living in Minsk for nearly three years. He is a dancer and choreographer of the Georgian ballet Lelo. To expand his repertoire, Givi goes to the Pyatrovitsa Traditional Culture Festival in Luban district. Our Georgian guest is a real pro, but will he be able to take over the Belarusian style of dancing?
Argentinian in Chernobyl zone: all blooms here except us
The Argentinean Santiago Lutereau has been traveling for the past ten years. He is engaged in tourist photography and plans to create a video blog. In search of unusual content he arrived in Belarusian part of the exclusion zone.
African polyglot blown away by Belarusian banya
Elie Mubenga, a citizen of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, came to Belarusian town of Navapolatsk to learn the Russian language. He is a true polyglot; he speaks seven languages and is passionate about Belarusian flowers.
How Russian actor found way into Belarusian cinema
Egor Rybakov, a film and theatre actor from Moscow, appears in another episode of Welcome To Belarus show. The man, who has come to our country for the first time, is desperate to make it to Belarusian cinema.
German tourist discovers Belarusian cuisine
Going on a gourmet trip to Belarus, vegetarian Anna Steinmann does not hesitate to try country-style sausage; if one wants to grasp the culture of a country, they need to have a bite of its cuisine, the German citizen believes. Watch another episode of Welcome To Belarus to know whether Belarusian chefs and cooks managed to surprise the foreign guest.
Spaniard, Cypriot and Frenchman look for beauties on Islach River
French writer, Cypriot security guard and a Spanish businessman have flown to Belarus and settled in one of the Minsk hostels .
German linguist’s rewarding experience in Belarus volunteer camp
Ben studies Sociolinguistics in Germany. He might be only 23 years old, but he speaks 8 languages, including Polish, Lithuanian and Belarusian. This summer Ben has arrived in Belarus to take part in restoring an old school in Minsk region. What for? See the latest episode of Welcome To Belarus!
Chinese celebrate special Kupala Night in Belarus
We invite you to travel around Belarus together with Chinese students Mino Zhang Minglan and Хiaowei.
Malaysian 'zero-waste' tourists visit dump near Minsk
Tourists are not regularly shown places like that. We are at the city dump Trastyanets near Minsk.
British investigative filmmaker lost in middle-of-nowhere swamp: Welcome To Belarus (Episode 2)
Glenn Ellis, 55, is a documentary filmmaker from Oxford. At home Glenn is known for his films Hell in the Pacific, Delta Force, Europe’s Last Dictatorship and others.