2019.02.18 14:02 Video

IDEX-2019: Kadyrov proud of Belarus-Chechnya stand

2017.11.21 10:38

Beltechexport signs major deal with UAE armed forces

2017.06.09 12:43

UAE fund to open $25 support credit line to Belarus’ bank employing ex-Deputy PM, ex-KGB chief

2016.11.05 13:03

Lukashenka’s Arabic assault force (ENG video)

2016.09.25 21:45

Japanese man with mini-arsenal detained in Minsk airport

2015.12.04 10:55

Skirting arms embargo: U.S. arrest UAE native over bid to buy, smuggle 89 sniper rifles into Belarus

2015.12.03 11:00

Quatar, UAE purchasing arms from Belarus for Daesh – Russian expert