armed forces

2019.11.14 06:20

Belarus Defense Ministry to introduce benefits for soldiers

2019.11.07 12:57

Lithuania to beef up army, create new battalion

2019.10.21 13:00

Belarus, Russia paratroopers start training in Brest

2019.10.15 04:54

Belarusian soldier shot in eye

2019.10.11 13:08

Russian military to take part in drills in Brest

2019.09.26 08:56

‘Unpleasant episode’: Lavrov about Russian air base in Belarus

2019.09.23 12:58

Belarus, China to develop powerful weapon – Lukashenka

2019.09.16 05:51

Belarusian and Russian military ‘destroy’ common enemy

2019.07.04 07:59

Independence Day: Tanks in Minsk (photos)

2019.07.03 12:57

Third way: Lukashenka against Belarus’ joining NATO, access to Russia

2019.06.27 04:45

Belarusian MPs promptly adopt controversial law on draft deferment

2019.06.26 09:29

Ban on foreign trips, no go for public service: Authorities want more army conscripts

2019.05.27 11:59

4K troops involved: Independence Day parade to be held in evening

2019.05.24 11:32

Belarusian peacekeepers may join UN mission in Lebanon

2019.05.24 08:59

Independence Day parade rehearsal in Minsk (photos)