2016.06.02 06:53

Russian lowcoster Pobeda opts out of entering Belarusian market

2016.04.08 16:45

Makey: ‘Belarus recognizes de facto status of Crimea’

2016.04.01 07:20

Russia ranks Belarus among five most popular tourist destinations in CIS

2016.03.17 10:09

Foreign Ministry calls on Belarusian tourists to think twice before visiting Crimea

2016.03.04 05:47

Belstat: Belarus visited by 300K tourists in 2015

2016.02.11 03:02

Foreigners losing interest in Belarusian resorts

2016.02.03 11:36

Reputation first. Head of Crimea against inviting tourists for now

2016.02.03 10:20

Minsk travel agency touting trip to North Korea on Facebook. 100 Belarusians set to go

2015.12.15 18:57 Video

Belarusians to fly freely into non-free North Korea

2015.12.07 09:05

Tourism Agency CEO, owner of two houses in Seychelles, discourages Russians from holidaying abroad

2015.11.25 10:08 Video

Poultry, beer, tourism: Russia’s clumsy bid to retaliate for Turkey’s downing Su-24

2015.11.20 09:08

Belarus to gain from Russia’s suspending flights to Egypt

2015.10.15 03:00

Belarusian enterprises not interested in production tourism