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Minsk resident gets 10 days in jail over ‘protesting’ sticker on car
On November 10, Savetski district court heard the case of Minsk resident Aksana Zybina.
Woman heavily fined for sticker
Veranika Drabysheuskaya has been sentenced
Rechytsa resident sentenced to 25 days in jail for white and red clothes
He wore white shorts, a red shirt, and a white T-shirt with the coat of arms of Rechytsa
Court imposes 7-day jail term on Slonim resident, seizes car for ‘opposition colours’
A man driving a red car with two white stickers on it was detained on the M11 highway. in the town of Slonim.
Mahiliou resident fined for WRW flag on balcony
He agreed that there was a flag and two stickers on his balcony. But he denied his guilt of the alleged picketing.