2019.09.20 09:45

Swedish scientists to measure radiation around BelNPP using cooking salt

2019.03.14 08:29

Sweden forcing out Russia’s alleged agent who worked under diplomatic cover

2019.02.07 10:00

Sweden thinks Russia is preparing for large-scale war

2017.06.08 10:43

Viktar Lukashenka ready to topple father, KGB behind election. Fugitive agent’s interview to Belsat TV

2017.06.05 11:48

Lukashenka may be involved in oil smuggling to EU. Fugitive KGB agent’s exclusive interview to Belsat TV

2017.05.03 12:01

Sveriges Radio: Former KGB agent reveals Lukashenka-controlled oil smuggling from Belarus to EU

2016.05.17 11:26

Rare case in Belarus: Reporter gets compensation for unlawful imprisonment in KGB

2016.05.13 04:08 Video

IVAN fails to get into “Eurovision-2016” final

2016.05.09 07:54 Video

Belarusian rock musician wins 2016 Freemuse Award

2015.12.11 06:55 Photos

Interpreter, former envoy protect Belarus Nobel laureate from wind in Stockholm (touching photo)

2015.12.09 10:47 Video

Nobel Prize in Literature 2015: If Alexievich’s works were … music (+video)

2015.12.08 23:49 Video

It is very easy to unleash civil war in Belarus – Svetlana Alexievich

2015.12.08 23:46 Photos

Tradition: Belarusian writer Alexievich signs name on chair in Nobel Museum (photo)

2015.10.26 10:20 Video

Lukashenka to Sweden envoy: ‘But for Nobel prize no one would know Alexievich!’

2015.10.22 10:16 Breaking

Sword attack in Sweden: Masked man stabs several people, one dies