2019.04.08 13:24 Updated

Minsk: Elderly activist released after three days in jail

2019.01.14 09:14

Ex-political prisoner Mikalai Statkevich seeking nomination for presidency

2018.10.02 09:24

Russia getting ready to annex Belarus – ex-presidential candidate

2018.08.21 14:18

Former political prisoner calls for solidarity with independent trade union leaders

2018.04.10 06:01

Statkevich: We will oppose illegal referendum

2017.11.14 12:25 Video

‘Legitimization’: Two ex-political prisoners criticizing EU for inviting Lukashenka to EaP summit

2017.11.09 09:20

Opposition calls on Belarusians to protest on Freedom Day

2017.10.30 07:41 Video

Minsk: Rally in memory of Stalin’s victims near KGB

2017.10.18 10:21

Saturday: Belsat TV to livestream March of Outraged Belarusians 2.0

2017.10.17 09:08

Expecting protests: Belarus authorities neutralize opposition activists

2017.09.26 15:09 Video

Ex-presidential candidate sentenced to 5 days in jail for protesting against Zapad-2017 drills

2017.09.22 13:57

Former political prisoner detained in Minsk

2017.09.04 11:23

Opposition to protest against holding Zapad-2017 war game in Belarus

2017.08.29 15:21

Belarus opposition condemns arrest of ex-political prisoner, calls for protest

2017.08.14 12:37

Ex-prdt candidate sentenced to 15 days in jail for protest against Russia-Belarus war game