2019.12.02 15:58

‘Not a kopeck to Putin’s gang!’ Opposition against Belarus-Russia integration

2019.06.10 09:48

Belsat journalists hold rally in solidarity with detained Russian journalist Ivan Golunov

2018.01.31 14:34 Video

Belarus Supreme Court considers solidarity campaigns ‘attempt to put pressure’

2017.12.01 13:00 Video

Belarus authorities exerting pressure on political prisoner over solidarity wave

2017.04.04 13:44

One more trial: Imprisoned politician to appear before court for solidarity rally

2017.01.05 13:03

Opposition leaders fined for picket in support of Belsat TV

2016.12.23 11:35

Ukrainian activists ask Petro Poroshenko to support Belsat TV

2016.12.23 08:45

Iconic Belarusian rock musician shows solidarity with Belsat TV (video)

2016.12.20 07:35

‘Turn off Russia TV, turn on Belsat!’ Picket near Lukashenka Administration (upd)

2016.12.19 09:19

Govt-in-exile: Closing of Belsat TV would benefit dictatorial regime in Belarus

2016.12.09 13:06

Love from Ukraine: Donbas-based TV station sends birthday greetings to Belsat TV (video)

2016.03.21 08:12 Video

Minsk: Picket of solidarity with Nadiya Savchenko

2016.03.09 12:24 Video

‘Freedom to bloody tsar’s hostages’: Belarusians hold action in support of Savchenko

2015.11.03 12:27

Belsat TV director wins Ukraine’s Igor Lubchenko prize for defending freedom of speech

2015.10.19 07:33 Video

Mick Jagger: Long live Belarus!