2019.06.27 04:45

Belarusian MPs promptly adopt controversial law on draft deferment

2019.06.26 09:29

Ban on foreign trips, no go for public service: Authorities want more army conscripts

2019.03.06 15:48

Belarus men may be barred from public service without active duty

2018.06.01 14:45

No happy childhood here: 5 worst countries for kids to live in

2018.06.01 10:48 Video

Lukashenka slams Belarus army for ‘formalism, complacency, lack of order’

2018.02.01 10:35

Soldiers from South Ossetia to be able to serve in Russian army

2017.10.04 12:51

‘Lukashenka owes Putin’. Will Belarusian peacekeepers go to Syria?