Lithuania seizes record number of Belarusian cigarettes
Lithuania seized 328 million smuggled cigarettes in three quarters
Migrants on borders of EU: How Lukashenka taking revenge for Western sanctions
In pursuit of his political or economic interests, Alyaksandr Lukashenka has repeatedly played the border card. He keeps resorting to a number of tools that are inconsistent with international law and bilateral treaties. The current migration crisis on the borders of Poland and the Baltic States is an example of such actions.
Ukraine detains smuggled cigarettes from Belarus
They were informed of the smuggled goods in advance
Yet again: Lithuania arrests large batch of smuggled Belarusian cigarettes worth €2.2 mln
On August 15, a large consignment of Belarusian cigarettes was detected in a MAN trailer truck driven by a Belarusian citizen at the Raigardas-Pryvalka checkpoint, the Lithuanian customs service reports.
Lithuanian border guards detain smuggled Belarusian cigarettes worth almost 2 mln euros
Cigarettes were transported in planks, the truck was driven by a Belarusian
Lukashenka turns blind eye to illegal migration, banned substances smuggling to EU through Belarus
On June 22, Alyaksandr Lukashenka accused Western countries of allocating huge financial resources for ‘colour blitzkrieg’ and using hybrid warfare technologies against Belarus.
How the corrupt pyramid in Belarus works
Final snatch – this is how a well-known analyst Sergei Chalyi described the latest actions of the authorities on sharing a piece between businessmen being in tight connection with them. How true are these facts and how does it happen in reality? On what scale do the laundry schemes operate? Where does the money go and what was the authorities’ reaction to our investigation? In this article we summarise another year of our investigative journalism, bringing separate episodes together into a full story.
Ukrainian border guards unfold scheme of smuggling Belarusian cigarettes
Officers of the Lutsk border detachment are trying to shut the door on the illegal import of Belarusian excise-free cigarettes from Poland to Ukraine, the country’s State Border service reports.
Revenue from cigarette sales goes to UAE offshores
Revenue from cigarette sales goes to UAE offshores. How Belarusian oligarchs’ illegal tobacco business works. Investigation BelsatTV together with the Lithuanian investigative portal and the International Center for Investigation of Corruption and Organized Crime (OCCRP)
Lithuania to step up fight against cigarette smuggling
The number of illegal cigarettes in Lithuania is breaking records
Batch of contraband cigarettes arrested on border with Lithuania
The driver was released on bail.
Business and wealth of Viktar Sheiman. How Belarusian smuggling schemes work
Globalcustom-Management associated with the Presidential Affairs Management (the PAM)
What is Lukashenko’s business empire built on?