2017.05.19 15:01

Homiel: Freelance journalist heavily fined for livestreaming for Belsat

2017.04.12 11:13

Homiel: Belsat TV contributor $500 fined

2017.03.27 12:23

Six protocols over last two days: Homiel police give no peace to Belsat TV contributor

2017.03.21 10:13

Pressure on journos all the rage: Belsat TV at Belarus security services’ gunpoint

2017.03.19 16:27

Belarus police threaten Belsat TV contributor with taking her son away

2017.03.17 14:26

Homiel: Belsat TV contributor fined for covering ‘non-parasite’ protest

2017.03.14 12:11

Homiel: Freelance journalist Larysa Shchyrakova summoned to police

2016.09.30 02:30

Election over, no need to play liberals: Belsat TV contributors at KGB gunpoint

2016.05.18 09:32 Інфаграфіка

Gloomy leadership: Belsat TV journalists fined most often

2016.04.22 12:23

Belarusian Association of Journalists informs UN Rapporteur of persecuting Belsat TV contri-butors

2016.02.04 12:55 Video

Belarusian regime keeps persecuting Homiel journalists

2016.01.13 10:30 Video

First fine in 2016: ‘Persecuting journalists who just do their job is despicable’

2016.01.04 12:30

Police resume persecution of freelance journalist Larysa Shchyrakova