Trial of Hrodna blogger Vadimati starts in Shchuchyn
On December 14, the first court hearing in the case of Hrodna-based blogger Vadzim Yermashuk (Vadimati) took place in Shchuchyn court.
Hrodna vlogger Vadimati sentenced to 25 days in jail gets another term
Hrodna-based vlogger Vadzim Yermashuk aka Vadimati has been sentenced to another 15 days. He is currently serving a 25-day term.
Hrodna blogger Vadimati gets 25 days in jail, his sister interrogated as witness in criminal case
On August 19, Hrodna-based blogger Vadzim Yermashuk aka Vadimati was sentenced to 25 days in jail today for allegedly calling for taking part in an unofficial sports event at a skate playground in the town of Shchuchyn.