2019.09.11 15:02

Maxumum term to teenager who committed double murder in Belarusian school

2019.06.13 10:55

Just Before European Games: Another prisoner executed in Belarus

2019.03.22 13:13

Russia sentences Ukrainian Pavlo Hryb to 6 years in prison

2018.12.11 04:15

Kazbek Yapryntsau, convicted of fraud for 8 years, released after 2 years

2018.11.28 04:00

Another person executed in Belarus

2018.08.24 11:52 Video

Retaliation? Independent trade union leaders found guilty of tax evasion

2018.05.12 10:10

Ex-activist of Belarusian Youth Union gets 6 years in prison for fraud

2018.05.08 12:00

Belarus citizen who fought for separatist republic jailed for 2 years

2018.03.14 04:20

Lyakhavichy resident sentenced for ordering infection of his ex-wife with HIV

2018.01.31 14:34 Video

Belarus Supreme Court considers solidarity campaigns ‘attempt to put pressure’

2018.01.22 08:35

Minsk: Two persons sentenced to death for murdering young couple

2017.12.14 12:12 Video

Homiel: Belarus citizen who fought for separatists in Donbas gets prison term

2017.11.19 08:26

DPR militant from Rechitsa sentenced to 2 years

2017.11.15 06:00

Russian priest guilty of pimping in Belarus