Russian propaganda

2019.08.10 14:13

Russian military-patriotic TV channel allowed to broadcast in Belarus

2019.03.26 05:24

Feature film episode presented as fact in Russian propagandist TV show

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Russian TV workers denied entry into Moldova

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Russian media outlet publishes false story about Belarus and NATO

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Russian propagandist Solovyov known for demonizing West buys Como Lake villas

2018.12.13 09:59

Russia’s state-run TV mistakes man for robot

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Agnieszka Romaszewska-Guzy: Belsat becomes important media institution

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Top 5 fake stories about Belarus spread by Russian media

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Russian agency TASS publishes news of Lukashenka’s stroke

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Belarus should join Russia — EADaily

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Live: Russian talk show host picks fight with Ukrainian man over Donbas conflict

2018.01.09 14:45

CTV channel brings back ‘REN TV’ programs

2018.01.09 10:50

Anti-European trolls attack Belarusian car website from Russia

2017.12.08 11:12

Moldova may stop broadcasting Russian TV news and political shows