Russian army

2018.01.04 08:13 Video

Russia’s MoD confirms death of two military in Syria, denies plane losses

2017.10.04 09:07

Russia’s MoD refutes their soldiers being taken prisoner by Islamic State

2017.10.02 09:49

Russian envoy: All our troops left Belarus unless ‘someone got married’

2017.10.02 06:41

Russian Defense Ministry says all Russian troops left Belarus

2017.09.29 09:50

‘In a good mood’. Russian military coming back home after Zapad-2017

2017.09.26 05:36

Russian special forces unit arrived in Minsk

2017.09.21 10:20

‘If we wanted, we would invade you – like Crimea.’ Russia’s Kantemir division leaving Belarus

2017.08.16 13:28

Ukraine aware of threat of Russia’s possible attack during Zapad-2017 war game – MoD