Russian army

2019.10.21 13:00

Belarus, Russia paratroopers start training in Brest

2019.10.14 10:34

When will Russian soldiers leave Syria? Putin’s answer too vague

2019.10.11 13:08

Russian military to take part in drills in Brest

2019.06.19 15:35

Russian soldiers, vehicles set off for Minsk to participate in Independence Day parade

2019.06.03 07:24

Kremlin cuts number of defense advisers in Venezuela – WSJ

2019.03.25 12:21

Official confirms Russian troops’ arrival in Venezuela

2019.03.04 06:19

Russian General Staff accuses US of using new military strategy

2019.01.17 11:27

Ukrainian MP urges Ukraine to prepare for potential occupation of Belarus

2018.12.18 14:15

Unparalleled weapons. Putin wags finger at ‘militarist-rhetoric’ states

2018.07.18 15:40 Video

Russian military rush into Armenian village, fire guns. Locals in shock

2018.07.03 07:42

Putin gives military units names of Belarusian cities

2018.05.01 06:30 Video

Belarus and Russia preparing large-scale military exercises ‘Union Shield’

2018.02.01 10:35

Soldiers from South Ossetia to be able to serve in Russian army

2018.01.29 14:24

Russian general’s death in Syria sheds light on secret mission in Ukraine – Reuters

2018.01.22 09:34

Serbian League party urges Putin to deploy troops to Kosovo