Russian military

2019.10.21 13:00

Belarus, Russia paratroopers start training in Brest

2019.10.11 13:08

Russian military to take part in drills in Brest

2019.08.15 12:30

Over 4K Belarusian soldiers to take part in Union Shield drills in Russia

2019.06.19 15:35

Russian soldiers, vehicles set off for Minsk to participate in Independence Day parade

2019.05.06 09:03

Over 50% of Russians in favour of military’s withdrawal from Syria

2019.01.10 10:39

Russia’s MoD tight-lipped about death of soldier in Syria

2018.10.25 08:15

Counter measures to be taken – Russia defense minister demonizes Poland, NATO in Minsk

2018.08.23 11:08

Russia’s MoD reveals number of troops involved in Syrian war

2018.07.18 15:40 Video

Russian military rush into Armenian village, fire guns. Locals in shock

2018.04.09 13:55

Russian paratroopers involved in Crimea annexation taking part in war game in Belarus

2018.01.04 08:13 Video

Russia’s MoD confirms death of two military in Syria, denies plane losses

2017.12.04 10:25

No tenders necessary for 12 Russian companies in defense sector

2017.09.26 05:36

Russian special forces unit arrived in Minsk

2017.09.25 06:35

Russian general who used to command Donetsk militants killed in Syria

2017.09.21 10:20

‘If we wanted, we would invade you – like Crimea.’ Russia’s Kantemir division leaving Belarus