Russian military

Not enough Russian troops in Belarus to attack Ukraine, Kyiv says
The risk of an attack from the territory of Belarus is now assessed as the lowest.
Belarus and Russia to sign agreement on military-technical cooperation until 2025
The draft agreement is still to be negotiated
Source: 200 trains with Russian military personnel and equipment to arrive in Belarus
This is reported by the telegram channel belzhd_live
Allied Resolve drills: Russia’s S-400 Triumph missile systems on way to Belarus
The surface-to-air missile systems are reported to be involved in the upcoming Allied Resolve-2022 military exercise held by Belarus and Russia.
Rostov court confirms presence of Russian military in Donbas. Kremlin denies
The defendant disclosed details of the shipments in his testimony
Russia starts withdrawing troops, equipment from Belarus in wake of Zapad-2021 drills
The troops of the Western Military District, the Airborne Troops and the aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces involved in the joint strategic exercise Zapad-2021 at two training grounds on the territory of Belarus have started returning to their permanent deployment points in the Russian Federation, Russia’s Defence Ministry reports.
Russian military to create Russian-Belarusian combat training center in Hrodna
On September 3, Russian planes are expected to arrive at the airfield in Baranavichy.
Slavic Brotherhood-2020 wargame: Russian, Serbian troops to arrive in Belarus
In Wednesday’s phone conversation, the chiefs of the General Staffs of Belarus and Russia – Alyaksandr Valfovich and Valery Gerasimov – have raised the topics of military cooperation between the two countries and preparations for maneuvers.