Russian airbase in Belarus

2016.12.02 11:07

In 15 years: President announces closure of Russian military base in Kyrgyzstan

2016.04.08 14:26

FM Makey: Question of deploying Russian airbase in Belarus is closed. So far

2016.03.30 01:07

Russia’s airbase in Belarus may destabilize situation – Pentagon official

2016.01.14 09:40

Belarus MoD refutes Ukraine’s allegation on Russia’s deployment military planes in Babruysk

2016.01.12 12:23

‘Still unclear why Russia needs airbase in Belarus’ – outgoing UK envoy

2015.12.18 15:51

Russian airbase deployment in Belarus will perhaps not be discussed – Defense Minister

2015.10.30 11:16

Lukashenka blasts ‘muscle show’: No need in Russian airbase in Belarus, but we ready to protect Moscow

2015.10.28 07:22

Russian airbase in Belarus will hardly ease tension but raise ire at Minsk, Moscow – FM

2015.10.23 07:52 Video

No use deploying Russian airbase in Belarus – Defense Minister. Lukashenka still quiet

2015.10.09 11:10

What election will bring: Maybe a new airbase, definitely the same president in Belarus

2015.10.09 09:53

Minsk: Organisers of protest rally against Russian airbase in Belarus stand trial

2015.10.06 17:12

‘Deployment of Russian airbase in Belarus has never been discussed’. Lukashenka backtracks?