Lukashenka confirms missiles were launched from Belarus to target Ukraine
Lukashenka called Zelensky inadequate.
Lukashenka and Putin take part in nuclear-related military exercise
Putin gave go-ahead for strategic force exercises with ballistic missile launches
Russia to track U.S. missile defense systems in Europe from Belarus
The Volga radar station was built in the 1980s near Hantsavichy. It is a part of the Russian Air and Space Forces. The Russian military rents the territory of the station.
Brutal detentions in Homiel: Tear gas and firing in air
On Sunday, People’s Inauguration March was also held in Homiel, the second largest city in Belarus.
New Belarus March tableau: Alyaksandr Lukashenka shows off his AK, praises siloviki
On August 23, the presidential press office made available recordings of Alyaksandr Lukashenka getting out of a state-flag livery helicopter, He was wearing a bulletproof vest and holding a Kalashnikov assault rifle (at first, there was no magazine).