In photos: Biggest-ever Belarusian street protest took place year ago
The very same day the year before, the post-election protests against the Lukashenka regime gained momentum in the country.
Point of no return: Year passes since start of biggest-ever protests in Belarus reflects on the momentous events which have happened since 9 August 2020, when the large-scale protests against the rigged presidential election broke out.
'People are being tortured in our prisons, as they used to be in concentration camps.' What is Svetlana Alexievich's new book about?
The Belarusian writer, a Nobel laureate, told in an interview to the Polish Gazeta Wyborcza that her new work is dedicated to the Belarusian protests. Here are some statements of Alexievich about the possibility of returning to Belarus, the events of August 2020, and her new book.
100 days of Belarusian protest
One hundred days seem like one endless day.
Coordination Council urges Belarusians to bring peaceful revolution to fruition
The Coordination Council of the opposition issued an appeal in connection with the brutal actions of the security forces on October 11 and 12.
Protest month in photos
A month has passed since post-election protests broke out in the country.
Pavel Latushka faces unpleasant choice
Departure or criminal case
Minsk: Linguistics students to police: ‘Get lost!’
On September 2, the students continued protesting at the building of Minsk State Linguistic University. Some of them were detained.
Lukashenka to go to Moscow before inauguration, his visit to Riga cancelled
Alyaksandr Lukashenka and Vladimir Putin are to meet in Moscow in the next two weeks, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told journalists on August, 31.
Minsk: Solidarity chain and mass detentions (photo report)
Thursday’s solidarity rally which started in Minsk at 6 pm ended with mass detentions.
Minsk: Journalists detained en masse in Freedom Square
On Thursday evening, over a dozen media workers covering the current developments in Minsk were detained in Freedom Square.
Minsk: Solidarity chain in Victory Square (photos)
Protests against vote rigging and police brutality have been underway for 12 successive days in Belarus.
Military official explains how media and bloggers want to hold color revolution in Belarus
There have been six such attempts, he says.