repression 2020

Pavel Vinahradau detained by police
He was detained by special police
Belarus authorities on a hunt for 'dissent' in large companies
“Penitential” videos of detainees have been published online
Journalist Iryna Slaunikava recognized as political prisoner
She has been behind bars since October 30.
Case of Eduard Palchys sent to court
The Investigative Committee claims that Palchys’s “criminal activity” began as early as 2016
Trial of four anarchists charged with terrorism held behind closed doors
Only the relatives and the Russian media were allowed in.
Nineteen more people recognized as political prisoners in Belarus
BPF party leader Ryhor Kastusiou needs operation
The examination showed that his health had become worse
Belarusian MIA to create 'list of extremists'
Dissenters may be deported or stripped of their citizenship.
Married couple punished with jail term for sharing news
Husband and wife will spend a total of 112 and 111 days in jail
Wounded protester sentenced to 18 months in colony
Minsktrans estimated the damage at 26 thousand rubles.
10.10.2021 Russian special services assisted Belarusian counterparts in torturing protesters in 2020
Vladimir Osechkin, the founder of the Russian human rights group, says that they have information about Russian special services’ contribution to recent torture cases in Belarus.
Parents of political refugee Sharenda searched, told he should ask for pardon
Police were interested where Andrei was
Jailed presidential candidate Babaryka faces deteriorating working conditions
In August, he earned 1.6 rubles