The impact of pushing half a million emigrants away from Belarus by a Little Fellow driven by vengeance is significant
Lukashenka’s decree to not renew emigrants’ passports hinders Belarus’ development.
Russophobia as a new crime
Arresting anyone who has spoken negatively about Russia or its people.
The Supreme Court leaves Belsat TV journalist in jail. And changes the charge
The sentence of eight years and three months in prison remained in force, but as Ihar Ilyas emphasizes, the court corrected the prosecution’s formula.
Belsat journalist Darya Chultsova released after two years in penal colony
She spent two years in a penal colony with an obligation to work.
Belsat journalist sentenced to 8 years for 'high treason'
The first hearing in the new case against our journalist was held on July 4.
TVP journalist to stand trial in Lukashenka's court. TVP Info spoke with her father
Belarusian journalist Iryna Slaunikava has been in Belarusian custody for six months.
Imprisoned Belsat journalist charged again and facing lengthy sentence
Katsyaryna Andreyeva is to stand trial again.
Kremlin blocks Belsat's Russian-language service 'Vot Tak'
It affected people living in the post-soviet space
Literary figure Sevyaryn Kvyatkouski detained upon arrival in Belarus
On January 19, Sevyaryn Kvyatkouski, a Belarusian writer and journalist, was detained.
Cancer-stricken UN employee arrested for personal correspondence
Anastasiya Nestserava has been behind bars since November 18
Belarusian Supreme Court liquidates movement 'For Freedom'
The movement has existed for 15 years
International Secretary of Belarusian Social Democratic Party detained in Hrodna
Earlier, he had been fired from the university