Final ICAO report on Ryanair landing postponed until 2022
Consideration of the report was postponed several times
Human rights defenders sum up human rights situation in Belarus in April
The human rights situation in the country further deteriorated in April.
Torture Center. Stories from Belarusian Detention Center
People arrested in the first days of protests and tortured in the detention center on Akrestsina Street share their experiences and emotions. We have footage from Akrestsina Street from August 10 to 14 when our heroes were there, as well as amateur recordings of their arrest.
Solidary Białystok
Białystok is an important place among the solidary cities. Firstly, because of its close proximity and strong economic ties with Belarus, secondly, because it has a large Belarusian national minority, and thirdly, because it has a growing Belarusian diaspora. Hence, in Białystok, numerous actions of solidarity with the persecuted Belarusians in their homeland have been taking place. In my documentary, I want to show the diversity and spectacularism of these actions.
This is Just the Beginning
Election day, queue in front of the election commission. Pavel Zhuk records the queue and says that he is seeing something like this for the first time. The observer tells how the elections are conducted. Evening. Events in front of the stella. People, water cannons, stun grenades.
Fyodar Klimchuk is 82 years old. He is known as a leading specialist in the history and dialects of Palesse.