2019.09.02 05:26

Mosque named after Kadyrov may appear in Brest

2019.07.23 13:29

Belarus’ Deputy FM takes part in US conference on religious freedom

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Jehovah’s Witness talks about torture in Russia

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Russia ready to protect believers in Ukraine — Putin

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Christmas Day: Lukashenka calls on nation to have more kids

2018.11.15 09:48


2018.11.13 06:48

Serbian Orthodox Church did not support decision of Constantinople on UOC

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Was it ever such a temple: Putin, Obama bring gifts to Jesus

2016.08.22 10:56 Updated

Russian special services prevent 500 rabbis from entering Belarus

2016.07.14 13:07

Polish catholic priests to remain in Belarus

2016.05.06 07:49

Belarusian icons to go on display in Vatican

2016.05.06 06:51 Video

One of the largest in Eastern Europe: Great Mosque built in Minsk

2016.02.05 13:17

First-ever meeting between Pope, Russian Orthodox patriarch

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Belarusian authorities may strip Jehovah’s Witnesses of registration

2016.01.19 08:02 Photos

Belarusian Orthodox Christians commemorate Epiphany