referendum 2022

New Constitution comes into force in Belarus March 15 is Constitution Day in Belarus

CEC publishes results of recent referendum CEC believes that the referendum took place

EU comments on referendum in Belarus EU is concerned with the process

Police arrest 800 people on referendum day All over Belarus, 800 people were arrested

CEC: Belarusians voted for new Constitution CEC announced preliminary results of the referendum

Belarusian voters receive nameless invitations to referendum Each voter used to receive an invitation with initials

Lists of PEC members are now classified. It is illegal They decided not to publish their personal data

Prosecutor General’s Office forms working group to supervise ‘correct course of the people’s voting’ Regional prosecutor's offices set up similar working groups

CEC publishes referendum guidelines Curtains supposedly contribute to the spread of the coronavirus

US mission to OSCE about Lukashenka’s referendum: ‘International community holds no illusions’ On January 27, Michael Carpenter, US Ambassador to the Organisation…

Lawyer Harry Pahanyaila complains to Supreme Court about referendum Lukashenka signed the decree as acting president, and Pahanyaila notes that the…

Lukashenka can be both President and National Assembly chair, official says One question will be put to a referendum

Another Belarusian detained after discussing amendments to Constitution He suggested that mustaches and bald men be banned from running…

Tsikhanouskaya urged Belarusians to come to polls "Golos" will be counting votes