Ramzan Kadyrov

2019.11.04 15:50

Chechnya: Grozny’s ex-mayor involved in torturing detainees

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Mosque named after Kadyrov may appear in Brest

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Lukashenka awards Chechnya’s strongman with Order of Friendship

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Chechnya strongman among VIP guests at European Games in Minsk

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Ramzan Kadyrov’s son stars in Turkish TV series

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Belarus special forces win championship in Chechnya

2019.02.18 13:02 Video

IDEX-2019: Kadyrov proud of Belarus-Chechnya stand

2018.06.27 12:14

Lukashenka’s son visits Chechnya, meets with Kadyrov. For what?

2017.12.21 09:19

‘Extra-judicial killings’: US Treasury blacklists Chechnya’s strongman

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Chechnya strongman named in Montenegro coup case

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Lukashenka met with Ramzan Kadyrov: Putin, LGBT, but not a word about Crimea