Raman Kislyak

Belarusians protest in Georgia against agreement between special services of two countries
The Belarusians are supported by Georgian opposition politicians, who say that cooperation with Lukashenka’s KGB is a disgrace for Georgia.
Georgia signs agreement with Belarusian KGB. Political migrants have reason to fret?
The State Security Committee of Belarus (KGB) and the State Security Service of Georgia signed a cooperation agreement; its text was published by the Belarusian authorities on Pravo.by on August 13 (PDF).
Brest battery plant starts working as locals feel deceived by authorities
People have been protesting for almost three years.
Activists protesting against battery plant construction sentenced in Brest
Kabanau, Andrasyuk and Bekalyuk were tried in Brest before the weekend.
Silent protests of Brest residents bring results
On February 23, about 120 people gathered in the center of Brest.